Git Installation

This would not be suitable for app development, but is suitable for contributing to the framework.


Install the latest version of the codebase by

  • forking the codebase to your github account
  • cloning your forked repository locally


The command above will create a "CodeIgniter4" folder. Feel free to rename that as you see fit.

You will want to setup a remote repository alias, so you can synchronize your repository with the main one:

git remote add upstream

Copy the provided env file to .env, and use that for your git-ignored configuration settings,

Copy the provided phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml and tailor it as needed, if you want custom unit testing for the framework.


Update your code anytime:

git checkout develop
git pull upstream develop
git push origin develop

Merge conflicts may arise when you pull from "upstream". You will need to resolve them locally.


  • You have the latest version of the codebase (unreleased)
  • You can propose contributions to the framework, by creating a
    feature branch and submitting a pull request for it to the main repo
  • a pre-commit hook is installed for your repo, that binds it to the
    coding-standard we use


You need to resolve merge conflicts when you synch with the repo.

You would not use this technique for app development.


Folders in your project after setup:

  • app, public, system, tests, user_guide_src, writable

Translations Installation

If you wish to contribute to the system message translations, then fork and clone the translations repository separately from the codebase. These are two independent repositories!

Coding Standards Installation

This is bound and installed automatically as part of the codebase installation.

If you wish to use it inside your project too, composer require codeigniter4/translations @beta