CodeIgniter4 Roadmap

The roadmap we are working to was announced on our forum in August, 2015.

Phase 1: Essentials (done)

The first phase focused on nailing the essentials in the framework. This ensures that all of the basic parts needed to make it work are in place and working well.

Phase 1 packages include:

  • Autoloader
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling
  • HTTP Request/Response
  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Database (MySQL & Postgres)
  • Config
  • Security
  • Views
  • Sessions
  • Basic debugging and profiling

This phase is complete, and the repository is being opened up for the community to help.

Completed: June 2016

Phase 2: Core Components (in progress)

The second phase focuses on providing and refining the existing classes and features that CodeIgniter users know and love.

Phase 2 packages include:

  • The helpers
  • Language/Localization features
  • Caching
  • Email
  • Encryption
  • Form Validation
  • Image Library
  • Pagination
  • Uploader

During this phase, we will be looking for PRs for the planned and approved components, and for bug reports filed as github issues.

Those packages that we are ready to implement will appear as issues in the github repository, with whatever direction we can provide. As they get implemented and tested, and merged into the framework, they will show up in the changelog.

Target completion: December 2016

Phase 3: Expansion (not started)

The third phase includes fleshing out and working on the optional packages. At this point, the framework can be released and need not wait for these libraries to be brought up to date.

Each optional package will have its own repository, and will be developed and managed independently of the main framework.

Planned optional packages:

  • FTP
  • Zip
  • Typography
  • Template Parser

These optional packages will constitute the "official" addins for CodeIgniter4. Developers will undoubtedly create their own as well. We have not settled on the best way to promote/integrate these.

Target completion: April 2017


Any target completion dates shown are speculative, and depend very much on the quantity and quality of community contributions.

Results may not be as depicted. Your mileage may vary. Contents will settle during shipping.